Did you know that in Belgium, according to La Ligue Cardiovasculaire Belge, 50% of the population is concerned when it comes to heart diseases? One-third of the population is obese, and there’s 15% of deaths related to heart disease.

Over the last few decades, there has been an unfortunate shift in society caring more about appearances and weight than our true physical health. This has led to the population fueling themselves with processed and low-calories products in order to “stay in shape”. The truth is all those products are sugar bombs. …

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Hello tout le monde,

Avez-vous déjà entendu parler du jeûne intermittent ? Vous voyez ce nouveau régime hyper hype dont tout le monde parle ! Genre LE nouveau régime à suivre si vous voulez être tendance (sans commentaire). Quoi qu’il en soit, peu importe que vous n’en ayez pas encore entendu parler car nous allons justement aborder le sujet aujourd’hui.

Bon, quoi soit clair, il y a une énorme tendance autour du jeûne intermittent en ce moment et surtout sur les réseaux sociaux. Mais de quoi s’agit-il exactement ? Est-ce que ça en vaut vraiment la peine…

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Hello tout le monde,

J’ai l’impression que ça fait un bail que je n’ai plus publié quoique ce soit sur LMW. J’admets que j’ai été très occupée ces dernières semaines. Entre mon départ de Van et mon retour en Belgique, je n’ai pas eu beaucoup de temps pour bloguer.

Quoi qu’il en soit, me voici de retour sur Live My Way avec un nouvel article assez cool : “L’alimentation intuitive” : On m’explique, je suis perdue”. Avez-vous une petite idée de ce qu’est l’alimentation intuitive ? …

Morning people,

Wow, it has been a hot minute since the last time I poped over here. In my defense, I was pretty much busy and active on Live My Way (my personal blog).

Anyway, if I’m here today it’s simply because I felt the need to put my thoughts down on the paper.

So, let me give you a bit of context. After a whole year spent in Vancouver British Columbia, I’ve been back in Belgium. The point is it feels so boring in comparison with all the precious moments & marvelous surroundings I got the chance to experience…

Do you also feel like sometimes you don’t really live your life to the fullest? Have you ever asked yourself why? Well, I did.

I came to find several answers to that.

Answer #1: You don’t believe in yourself

This must be the most common one. In today’s society, we’re constantly facing successful people on social media. Like social media is the new way of making us feel guilty or like crap. This ends up reducing our confidence little by little because we keep comparing ourselves to those people, who, by the way, are most of the time big fakes. But it shouldn’t be this way! Social…

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Hi there,

Recently, I tried to eat better and to invest myself more in greener practices. That’s no easy task every day, I’ll grant you that! So today, I decided to pair both coming up with a super list of 5 seasonal veggies. Consequently, it will help you cook in favor of your health and of the planet, downright super!

And, because I’m super sweet, I also provided you with nice and tasty recipes for each seasonal veggie (you do not have any longer excuse).

Enough blabla, let’s jump to the core. …

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Today I’d like to face a topic that seems to be more and more present in today’s consumption society. In fact, I notice lots of people are concerned about the environment and try to stand up for the climate by being vegan, buying organic, shrinking their meat consumption,… you name it. But the point is that our society is profit-oriented meaning the government, as well as big companies, are taking advantage of this current “trend” by making a new profitable business out of it. Result? Greenwashing.

Do you know that 98% of green-labeled products are actually greenwashed? Insane, right?!


Having a self-care routine is not a common thing for everyone. It requires time and consequently organization. Most of the people don’t even realize the importance of having a self-care routine. However, it might affect your personal mental health as well as your physical health a lot. Maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself is a must-do to acquire better self-esteem and self-love. This is the basis of your productivity, motivation, fulfillment, and achievement.

There isn’t one ultimate self-care routine it depends on you and only you. …

Do you also feel sometimes like crap after a bad day and bring home your negativity? I’ve to admit that I tend to do it… No one is perfect, right? In fact, I’m part of those persons who find it hard to sort things out when something goes wrong. I’m used to taking it very personal and it can literally ruin my day. And this is exactly my mistake.

Take advantage of it

When you have a bad day at work, some remarks from your boss, or from unhappy customers, whereas you try so hard to make them satisfied and your job well done…

Mathilde Miessen

🇧🇪 Digital Marketer, Content Writer, and Healthy Lifestyle lover. ✔️English Blog: https://www.livemyway.net ✔️IG: livemywayin5boulettepoints

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